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2024 Los Angeles Multifamily ADU Law



|Last Updated: 15 Apr 2024

As we enter 2024, there have been new ADU law changes for both single-family and multi-family properties.

Recent regulatory changes in California, particularly in Los Angeles, have streamlined the process for homeowners to legally construct Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) on their properties, here’s an overview of what to expect regarding the 2024 ADU law.


1. Allow for Larger Sizes 

The updated ADU guidelines in Los Angeles feature significant modifications to parking requirements, an increase in the maximum permitted size to 1,200 square feet, ADUs can now be built higher than 16 feet, up to a maximum of 25 feet. And a broader range of ADU types allowed, encouraging homeowners to explore new possibilities.

2. Changes to the 60-day rule for ADUs

Greater transparency is introduced regarding the 60-day rule, ensuring clearer communication and understanding of the application process.

The 60-day rule. Previously, permitting offices often denied applications without communication after the 60-day period. Now, detailed explanations and recommendations for issue resolution are required.


3. Better-defined front setback

Under the new regulations, an 800 square foot ADU encroaching on the front setback is no longer grounds for application denial.


4. Extra income

Homeowners are attracted to ADU construction due to simplified regulations and the versatility ADUs offer, serving various purposes such as


·guest houses


·man caves

·rental units 

ADU options include building new units in the backyard or converting existing garages. While garage conversions are cost-effective, new ADUs can be attached or detached, one or two stories, providing homeowners with versatile choices.

5. Zoned lots

Los Angeles ADU ordinances permit ADUs on most residentially zoned lots, regardless of size, and extend to multifamily properties, offering the potential for multiple ADUs on a single property.



What Makes a Multi-family Property Good for an ADU?

  • Lot size

Because the larger the lot, the better. If you can build two freestanding ADUs on your property without taking away parking or storage space, that is much better because you can still have some room to work with as far as layout and design are concerned.


  • Parking

Parking is still valuable especially in some areas in Los Angeles like Downtown LA, Long Beach, or Hollywood. Parking is always something to look at, if you have excess parking that means you can take those garages or carports away for an ADU and that could mean extra living space for you or a new source of income.


  • Open Area to Build

Like what we mentioned about larger lot size, multi-family properties have way more area for the home designers to work on. Anytime, you can maximize your space and design it the way you want without the fear of compromising an existing space of your lot.


  • More grass

Multi-family properties have a lot more grass than concrete or asphalt. Homebuilders prefer this because they don’t need to dredge up or dig through a lot of concrete whenever they start breaking ground.


  • Access to plumbing, power, and sewer

For most remodeling professionals, easy access to plumbing, power, and sewer are crucial. With multi-family properties, they can now plan out their construction workflow as they can easily determine how far they can get to pull those and do their work.

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