Find Your Style
Choose the Design Bundle that fits your style, and our procurement team will handle the rest.
The Best Affordable Renovation Experience
Select Materials & Customize
Choose a Design Bundle and customize it so it perfectly fits your style.
Upload Photos To Get Measurement
Upload floor plans or take photos of the rooms and Eano's AI software will pull measurements for you.
Final Quote & Payment
We'll provide a final quote for your project. Once you sign the contract and pay a deposit, we can start building.
Track Your Materials
Our procurement team will get to work ordering your materials and ensuring they arrive on time. You can track their progress in your Materials Checklist.
Find Your Design Inspiration
The Eano Advantage
Hire a designer or select materials yourself
No guidance on what materials and sizes to order
Approximately 100 hours
Multiple orders and disorganized shipments
Total cost 💰💰
Flexible, customizable Design Bundles
We handle all materials
Approximately 8 hours
One simple order
Total cost 💰💰💰
Design Firms
Completely custom designs
They handle all materials
Approximately 40 hours
One simple order
Total cost 💰💰💰💰💰
We Work with Top Brands
Our materials come from trusted names with proven reputations for modern, quality finishes. Your home deserves the best.
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