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|Last Updated: 24 Aug 2021


Everything seems to be a logical progression, with home offices becoming a necessity in homes around the world, and a dedicated home workspace space is the independent office space that many small partners are looking for. Since many homes have limited space, remodeling a garage is the best way to gain work space. If your home's garage is more of a storage space than a place to park your car, the garage is an ideal location for your home office.


Separating living and working areas
Converting a garage into a home office can effectively separate living and working areas. The office area is far away from the living and living area, so the sound of the TV in the living area will not disturb normal work. Since the basic structure already exists, garage renovations are usually less expensive than building ADUs and do not require complex procedures. What's more, it doesn't take up space in your garden. First, empty the garage to get a better idea of ​​the size of the space.


A garage covers an area of ​​about 15 square meters, which is more than enough for an office. The 30-square-meter double garage provides more space for a good-sized home office and a bathroom or utility room.


Make sure the structure of the garage is safe
In the first step of converting a garage into an office, find an architect or surveyor to investigate the garage, especially the soundness of the walls, roof and foundation. Some garage buildings are too poor or dilapidated, in which case it may be cheaper to remove and replace. If your garage is constructed of wood and is well constructed, it should be fine, but interior work is still required. Garages are not designed to be habitable spaces. Usually, they are constructed of wood and have no insulation. To transform into a home office, insulation is a must. The foundations will also need to be inspected to make sure they are intact.


Planning for heating, plumbing, and power early in
a home office requires ensuring comfort first. Please plan heating, lighting and electrical thoroughly. A plumber can expand the central heating system. Alternatively, you can choose a wall-mounted electric heater that is relatively inexpensive to install. If you plan to install a toilet or shower, prepare the pipes for the supply of hot and cold water in advance.

In addition, you need to plan in advance the power outlets near the desk to leave enough charging sources. Adequate lighting is essential for a home office. At the same time, it is important to plan early to avoid the need to re-add cables, sockets and lights once the plastering is done. 

If the hot water boilers are placed in the garage, you also need to consider moving them outdoors or take protective measures indoors to ensure that there is ventilation in the garage.


Ample Lighting
Most garages have no windows or only small openings, so the interior is dimly lit. If you have the budget, consider installing windows. Floor-to-ceiling windows or sliding doors to the garden can flood the workspace with natural light. Plus, glass tiles and roof lights are complementary options. Consult a structural engineer or architect before knocking a hole in a wall or roof to install glass.


Do I need a planning permit?
A formal planning permit may not be required if the remodeled garage does not expand the footprint. In some cases, remodeling a garage may not receive government support if it results in fewer parking spaces. Check with your local planning authority before you start planning, and you may also need to apply for a full planning permit and make drawings.  
If you want to fill the garage door space with bricks, or add windows or doors, you will need to submit a planning application.

Be aware of building codes
Normally, garage renovations require building code approval and sign-off to ensure the space is fit for occupancy, so you must notify your local authority even if it's just an interior project. To comply, a home office needs to be structurally sound, moisture resistant, well insulated, energy efficient, well ventilated and fire resistant. Test all new and existing electrical equipment for proper functioning.

Will a garage remodel add value?
A key question is whether losing your garage will devalue your property. If parking is expensive, such as in a downtown location, a parking space may be more valuable than extra workspace. However, if there is a parking space near the home, remodeling the garage significantly increases the property value.

What is a partial garage conversion?
Partial garage conversions offer a compromise solution. For example, keep a garage door and the car can still be parked in the garage. At the same time, the interior was renovated into a usable workspace. For those lucky enough to have a double garage, consider building a partition to keep a parking space and renovating the rest of the space into a home office. If there is a full garage, the interior walls can be knocked out to create a larger open kitchen or living room with a separate study or work area.


Consult an expert
The final design of a garage conversion will depend on the look, functionality, and budget of the space. Eano turns your ideas into reality, maximizing the potential of your space, making it the most cost-effective option for all of this.


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