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Millbrae, CA

Scope of work


Project Type

Bathroom * 2; Kitchen

Project Costs

$ 67,300 - $ 74,300

Compl. Date


Completion time

94 days

Eano'sCommitment to You

We protect the rights and interests of our customers by offering transparency on the building process and pricing, and promising to deliver quality work in a timely manner.

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Milestone Update

Preparation and Demo(Upstairs)

Avg 1 day

Rough Inspection(Upstairs)

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Drywall Nailing(Upstairs)

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Finishing Work for Primary Bathroom

See details

Finishing Work for Kitchen

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Final Punchlist (Upstairs)

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Preparation & Demolition (Downstair)

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Rough Inspection (Downstairs)

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Drywall Nailing (Downstairs)

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Finishing Work for Guest Bathroom

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Custom Work

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Final Punch List (Downstairs)

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Project Complete